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Advance™ Progressive-Resistance Exercise Putty

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This unique putty provides infinite levels of progressive resistance.

  • Advance™ Progressive-Resistance Exercise Putty is conveniently packaged exercise putty kits which can create a multi-phase resistive strengthening program with one cup of putty.
  • Each Advance™ Putty Kit includes one portion of pink Base-Putty and individually packaged 9cc blue Power-Packs for added resistance.
  • The Base-Putty by itself is comparable to Norco™Exercise Putty Extra Soft and is ideal for most beginning hand exercises.
  • Add a partial or whole Power-Pack to the Base-Putty and create a multi-phase, resistive strengthening program.
  • The Regular kit includes 55cc of Base Putty and four 9cc Power-Packs. 55cc of Base-Putty is comparable to 2 1/2 oz. (71g) of Norco™Exercise Putty. By adding all four Power-Packs this increases the mixed putty to 91cc, similar to 5 oz. (142g) of Norco™Exercise Putty.
  • The Large kit includes with 83cc of Base-Putty and six 9cc Power-Packs. 83cc of Base-Putty is comparable to 3 3/4 oz. (106g) portion of Norco™Exercise Putty. By adding all six Power-Packs, the volume is increased to a total of 137cc or the equivalent of 7 3/4 oz. (220g) of Norco™Exercise Putty.
  • Advance™ Putty can be used for all squeezing and stretching hand exercises. Squeeze the putty to feel the amount of resistance. 
  • Ideal for home use for clients to progress independently.
  • Non-oily, fragrance-free and does not contain natural rubber latex.
  • Hazmat: None
  • HCPCS*: A9300
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Advance™ Progressive Resistive Exercise Putty

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NC51005 Regular Kit Out of Stock
NC51008 Large Kit Out of Stock
Item Number Size Price Qty
NC51005 Regular Kit
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NC51008 Large Kit
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